Odoo Google Route Search

Odoo Google Route Search

Odoo Google Route Search app is used to Locate your customer on Google map without paying for Google API

App Features:

  • Use free google map in Odoo without purchasing for Google API .
  • Get a Customer/Vendor location based on their address.
  • Mass update customers coordinates according to their addresses.
  • Get route from the current login user to Partner location in Odoo.
  • Multiple Partner locate view.
  • Quick locate partner in google map.
  • Quick find route of specific partner in google map.
  • Quickly edit partner's coordinate.

How App Work:

  1. Mass update all customers' geo coordinates by clicking 'Get Geo Location'.
  2. After performing 'Get Geo Location', the customer route from the company address and coordinates appear here.
  3. Locate multiple customer in google map by clicking on 'View Map'
  4. All customers will be visible here on the map, and you can do some quick operations here like locate them on Google Maps, find routes for a specific customer and edit customer address or their geo coordinates.