Odoo Outlook Mail Fix

Odoo Outlook Mail Fix

Fix the Outlook mail server relaying issue, with this module you do not have to set a mail server per user you just have to set up one company outgoing mail server and all the users can send mails from odoo.

App Features:

  • Fix outlook mail server issue like sender's email id must same as outgoing mail server email id.
  • Now no need to use mail server per user.
  • Sender's name will be managed dynamically based on sender regardless of outgoing email address.
  • Managed proper reply-to in order to receive proper reply from the send mail.
  • Supports Odoo Community as well as Enterprise versions.

How App Work:

  1. The problem arises after setting up the outlook mail server in odoo and sending the mail with having different mail of sender than the outgoing mail server.
  2. You can see the Email sending will be failed.
  3. After installing the module, In setting go to outgoing mail servers (needs to enable the developer mode).