Odoo Website Send Email From Contactus

Odoo Website Send Email From Contactus

This app is used to get email notifications on submission of the contact us page on the website, you can set up multiple email addresses to receive email notifications, set or modify the email body according to your requirement.

App Features:

  • Easy to setup app.
  • Set multiple email for notification.
  • Mail body is configurable. Receive email when someone submit contact Us form in website.

How App Work:

  1. After Install this App, You need to setup your outgoing email server if it is not already set up.
    In order to set up, you need to enable the developer mode.
    Then go to General Settings Technical >> Email >> Outgoing Mail Server
  2. Open the record, You will see the following screen. You need to add the SMTP configuration of your mail provider e.g- SMTP server, port address, user name, and password. After the configuration, you can test the connection by clicking on the Test Connection button. If it gives a successful connection message, then you are all set to go.
  3. Here is the contact us form of the website. The user needs to submit all the required information.